Africa Projects Group (APG)



Africa Projects Group Limited (APG) is a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services
for the Infrastructure, Energy and Mining Sectors – key sectors driving growth and pivotal to Africa’s future.

As a strategic forward-thinking organization focused on driving and facilitating impactful projects and investments across the African continent, we identify, develop, and facilitate impactful projects that foster economic development, infrastructure improvement, and sustainable growth. The group acts as a catalyst for projects that have the potential to create positive social and economic change in various sectors, unlocking opportunities for leapfrogging Africa’s development.

Africa Projects Group also provide comprehensive consultancy advisory services, projects and business development advisory and end-to-end project development solutions.
Founded in January 2020 by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs who shared a vision of creating value in the critical sectors of the African economy, APG is emerging as a leader in the sector, from a small company with a few projects in Africa to a global organisation with over 500 employees and offices in 15 countries.



APG’s vision is to be a world-class EPC company delivering projects executed to inspire hope and create opportunities for Africa.


Our mission is to deliver excellence and sustainable value for our stakeholders by applying our engineering expertise, project management skills, procurement capabilities, and construction experience to deliver sustainable projects that inspire hope and create opportunities for all.


Our values are:

• Integrity
• Innovation
• Excellence
• Teamwork
• Customer satisfaction
• Social responsibility

Africa Projects Group


Our brand promise is to execute and deliver excellent projects that inspire hope and create opportunities, powering the key sectors driving growth and pivotal to Africa’s future

From our Corporate offices in London and boots on ground across select African nations, our global footprint is expanding as we strive to work closely with our clients on developing efficient business growth within the continent.

Our value proposition is therefore based on delivering and achieving the goals set by our clients as a firm with a deep-rooted passion for Africa and our corporate ethos.
Our business approach is to optimise value beneficiation and commercial collaborations to enhance clients’ satisfaction always.

Africa Projects Group


APG’s approach is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and strategic thinking. We believe in:

Collaboration: Building partnerships with key stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and local communities, to drive projects forward.

Innovation: Constantly seeking innovative solutions and approaches to address Africa’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Thinking: Employing a systematic and goal-oriented approach to project identification, development, and execution.

Africa Projects Group

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